Bennett College for Women

Bennett College is a private four-year historically black liberal arts college for women located in Greensboro, North Carolina. It was founded in 1873 as a normal school to educate freedmen and train both men and women as teachers. Originally coed, in 1926 it became a four-year women's college. It is one of two historically black colleges that enroll women only. Today it serves roughly 780 undergraduate students.

In 1956 Willa Beatrice Player was installed as the first African-American woman president of an accredited, four-year liberal arts college.[5] She encouraged her students as activists in issues of the day. Beginning in 1960, Bennett students took part in the ultimately successful campaign in Greensboro to integrate "white" lunch counters at local variety stores. Since the late 1960s, they continued with other efforts. The college expanded its academic offerings and classes related to women's leadership. In the 21st century, the curriculum and students reflect global interests and the African diaspora.

Bennett College is a small, private, historically Black liberal arts college for women. The College offers women an education conducive to excellence in scholarly pursuits; preparation for leadership roles in the workplace, society, and the world; and life-long learning in a technologically advanced, complex global society. As a United Methodist Church-related institution, Bennett College promotes morally grounded maturation, intellectual honesty, purposeful public service, and responsible civic action.

The College welcomes students, faculty, and staff from diverse backgrounds, recognizing that the educational experience is enriched and strengthened when multiple voices are represented and heard. Operating in an interdisciplinary, learning-centered environment, students, working with faculty and staff, will learn to use sophisticated intellectual skills, think analytically, and solve problems in ways that respect a variety of viewpoints and deepen their understanding of different cultures.

At Bennett College, education takes place in an environment of open inquiry where teachers and students are immersed in educational processes that build community, foster authentic research, create knowledge, and advance scholarship and personal empowerment.

Students will leave Bennett College prepared for success in the world of work and further studies, possessing a greater appreciation of the history and culture of Africa and the African Diaspora, the struggles and accomplishments of women, and a realization of their own ability and the possibilities to help change the world.

The Bennett College for Women is a Private university located in Greensboro.
The Bennett College for Women was founded in 1873.
The current president of Bennett College for Women is Rosalind Fuse-Hall.
According to verified online sources, the Bennett College for Women enrolls a total of 1218 students.
According to the main website, the Bennett College for Women has a total student population of 609 undergraduate students and 609 graduate students.

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