Do Engineers need to pursue a Master’s Degree?

Monday, April 12, 2021

The answer to this question is: Definitely yes! Take a look at all the benefits it will give you.

As the most required professionals, Bachelor’s degree in Engineering holders can lead perfectly comfortable lives. The starting salary for Engineers in the US, even before graduating from a Bachelor in Engineering degree, is $69,000. This is a perfectly good return for a four-year investment and can certainly provide you with enough money to fend for yourself, have a comfortable life, give yourself treats and even save money. 

Unlike many other professions, Engineers have a pretty good salary only with a Bachelor’s degree. 

You might think: if a Bachelor’s degree is enough to make a perfectly comfortable living, then why do I need to pursue a Master’s degree?

Well, the following facts speak for themselves.

Four reasons why Engineers should pursue a Master’s degree in Engineering

1. Better salary

Even though bachelor’s degree holders can generally make a pretty comfortable living out of their Bachelor’s in Engineering degree, nonetheless, it is necessary to highlight the improvement your salary would get. 

In general, a Master’s degree holder receives a way higher monetary compensation than their bachelor’s degree holder counterparts. Why is this? Well, it is pretty obvious: a Master’s degree provides you with more knowledge and more tools to face the challenges of your profession. That is to say, if you are better prepared, you get a better reward. 

Even though Engineers already make a pretty high salary for starters, who doesn’t feel a little bit enticed by the idea of a higher salary? Think about it, not only will you be able to improve your qualifications and your quality of life with it, but you’ll also have the money necessary for that investment you dream about or to buy a house without worrying about not being able to pay the mortgage.

2. Updated knowledge

Keeping up with the requirements of the field we work on and intend to work on for the rest of our lives. It is not always easy to be prepared for the new challenges, and engineering is one of those professions that is constantly changing, evolving and giving way to innovation. 

As such, if you are to keep up with the challenges and be able to keep up to date with the knowledge, skills and innovations that appear in the profession, a Master’s degree is always the answer.

3. Specific knowledge

Not only is it important to keep up with innovations, but also to specify your knowledge in a certain area, which will help you become an expert in a certain field and be a well-known professional in it. 

Making a name for yourself has a lot to do with your commitment to increasing your knowledge and staying updated with the latest developments in your field of study. Otherwise, you might fall behind.

4. Career growth or change

Studying a Master’s degree will provide you with the opportunity either to grow in your field or to change careers altogether. 

A Master’s degree will allow you to acquire all the necessary skills to climb up the career ladder, become a well-respected professional, change your career to a different speciality, among many other possibilities.

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