How to Improve your MBA Resume

Monday, August 2, 2021

Find out how you can improve your chances of being accepted into an MBA program.

When applying for an MBA, it is hard to portray yourself as an attractive candidate because, just as the business world, MBAs are highly competitive. MBA prospective students should be able to paint an attractive self-portrait of themselves so that they catch admissions officers attention. 

What is it that business schools focus on and put higher regard in when considering potential MBA students? 

7 Tips to Improve Your MBA Resume

1. Keep it as short as possible

Experts say that MBA resumes shouldn’t be long because they end up overwhelming readers and causing them to lose interest in the applicant. It should ideally be a single page long and no longer than two pages.

2. Highlight leadership skills

Since leadership is a must in the business world, if you want to pursue an MBA, leadership skills are definitely a necessity, and highlighting them in your resume will allow you to stand out. 

3. Be honest

Having the ability to be credible is also a must because admissions officers will be able to tell if you are exaggerating your abilities, which will lead to your resume being tossed in the trash immediately. 

4. Foreground soft skills

Admissions officers put a special emphasis on soft skills, also called power skills, because they are extremely important in the workplace. If you find that you have teamwork skills, critical thinking, communication skills, time management, personal habits, among others, you should definitely highlight them in your resume because they will help you stand out. 

5. Describe meaningful extracurricular activities

Experts say it doesn’t matter how many extracurricular activities you’ve participated in, what does matter for admissions officers is that the ones you’ve participated in are meaningful and had a positive impact on the community.

6. Mention relevant job experiences

According to experts, applicants who have relevant work experience should add the positions that contributed the most to their professional experience and success. 

7. Show eagerness to learn and advance in your career

Experts say that potential students should seem interested in increasing their knowledge in order to be able to compete in the job market and looking stagnant may ruin their chances of being accepted. 

Those who are continually seeking to learn and increase their skills are the ones most likely to be admitted.

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