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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Nursing offers more benefits than most professions: High wages, working with people from all backgrounds, and—the most significant—contributing to the quality of life of people. With a Master of Nursing you can become a leader in nursing for future generations and become a force for good in society.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the public health emergency it brought about highlighted the need for nurses in the present healthcare system.

Without the daily contributions made by frontline healthcare professionals, many of those who have recovered from COVID would not have been able to do so. 

Nurses are among the frontline healthcare professionals who are extremely necessary not only during pandemics but also daily.

In addition, the healthcare industry is evolving quickly, from telemedicine to data analytics. Now more than ever, health care professionals need to be equipped with knowledge and self-assurance. In doing so, one may discover a special position in this fascinating progression. A Master’s degree in Nursing might be just the key.

With a Master’s degree in Nursing you can become a leader in nursing for the future generation and a force for good in society.

Whether you are currently engaged in direct patient care or nursing leadership, now is the time to put your goals into action by obtaining a Master’s degree in Nursing and becoming an inspiration to other nurses, a mentor, and an advocate for better patient outcomes.

5 Reasons to Specialize in Nursing

1. Nurses truly improve the lives of those around them.

It is easy to see why nurses are so indispensable for the healthcare system. Every day, nurses prevent fatalities by keeping an eye on patients and ensuring they get the care they require.

2. There are nursing degree programs offered across the nation. 

Many prestigious colleges and universities offer nursing degrees at the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral/PhD levels, both online and in person. You’ll find some of the best traditional master’s degree and online master’s degree programs in Nursing in this very article so you won't have trouble choosing the best option for you.

3. Fully online education is an option for nurses.

A Nursing Master’s degree can be earned at many of the nation’s leading colleges and universities through online courses, in person courses, and even hybrid courses that are a mix of the two. There are nursing master's degrees, like the Master of Science in Nursing Family Nurse Practitioner, the Master of Science in Nursing Nurse Executive, and even 100% online degree programs like the Master of Science in Nursing Nurse Educator available. Working professionals and full-time carers can get degrees online through programs like these without having to make significant compromises to their personal or professional lives. 

4. Nursing students can swiftly transition into the workforce. 

A lucrative, in-demand career with a salary around three times the national average can be attained with a master's degree in nursing according to Numerous nursing master's degree programs can lead to employment as nurse practitioners (NPs), nurse researchers, nurse administrators, and even nurse educators.

5. A high level of job satisfaction is reported by nurses. 

A 2017 survey by AMN Healthcare found that 83% of nurses are happy with their careers. A nursing career is one that two-thirds of nurses indicated they would advise others to do.

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Top Master’s in Nursing

If you are looking for a highly rated Master’s Degree in Nursing check out these great master’s degree programs available for you! 


Master of Science in Nursing Family Nurse Practitioner

Nowadays, Mercer University offers students from all over the United States the possibility to study for a Master of Science in Nursing Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP).

This is 2-year program enables registered nurses to perform the duties of a capable healthcare practitioner who is in charge of overseeing the care of families in a primary care setting. Its main objective is to impart the clinical knowledge and abilities required for disease prevention, assessment, and management of common acute and chronic disorders.


Master of Science in Nursing Nurse Educator

The prestigious Texas A and M University Corpus Christi includes the Master of Science in Nursing Nurse Educator in their curriculum.

An MSN in Nursing Education can develop in either academic or clinical settings. RNs are expected to increase their knowledge in their desired specialty through the educator courses. The Nurse Educator degree is entirely online, and the courses satisfy the academic criteria for candidates to take the National League of Nursing Certified Nurse Educator Certification examination.


Master of Science in Nursing Nurse Executive

Nursing professionals can seek leadership roles in a range of healthcare settings by enrolling in an MSN leadership and management program. 

According to Walden University, with the Master of Science in Nursing Nurse Executive which is No. 1 in Master of Science in Nursing graduates in the U.S., you'll develop the advanced leadership abilities needed to make a difference in nursing practices. This program is compatible with the Association of Nurse Leaders' Nurse Executive Competencies (AONL).

The healthcare experience of the patient is significantly impacted by nurse managers. With the MSN Nurse Executive specialty, you may hone your administrative skills and use your experience to lead by example in your business. 

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