Which Master's Degrees are most popular in the US?

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Master’s Degrees can help unlock pathways to some of the most advanced career positions. Are you wondering what to study at the Master’s Degree level? Check out the list of Most In-Demand Master’s Degrees here!

Why are Master’s Degrees such a popular option?

A high quality master’s degree program promises students the chance to gain relevant skills and knowledge, important collaborative experience with peers, practical training, networking expertise and even management potential.

Graduates with Master’s Degrees can usually secure higher-paying jobs. With an advanced degree in a specialized field, students can transition to higher level job positions with higher salaries. 

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, adults with a Master’s Degree earn as much as 15% more than their peers who only have a Bachelor’s Degree. Lifetime earning comparisons show even more of a difference. According to the Bureau, Master’s Degree holders can earn as much as $240,000 more over the course of 40 years than Bachelor’s Degree holders.

With an advanced degree, students can move forward in the workplace.

The Master’s Degree that you choose will largely depend on your personal and professional goals. If you are not quite sure what to study, you can start by taking a look at some of the Most In-Demand and Most Popular Master’s Degrees.

According to the Community for Accredited Online Schools, the following are Highly In-Demand Master’s Degrees:

  • Master’s Degree in Accounting
  • Master’s Degree in Computer Science
  • Master’s Degree in Diet and Nutrition Studies
  • Master’s Degree in Human Resources
  • Master’s Degree in Library Science
  • Master’s Degree in Mathematics and Statistics
  • Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Master’s Degree in Nursing
  • Master’s Degree in Public Health
  • Master’s Degree in Software Engineering

According to Indeed, the following are high-paying Master’s Degrees that are also popular options for graduate students:

  • Master’s Degree in Health Care Administration
  • Master’s Degree in Marketing
  • Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics
  • Master’s Degree in Industrial Management
  • Master’s Degree in Computer Science
  • Master’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering
  • Master’s Degree in Physics
  • Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering
  • Master’s Degree in Economics
  • Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant Studies

What about Online Master’s Degrees?

Online Master’s Degrees become increasingly popular with every passing year. Now more than ever, the best colleges and top universities in the states offer accredited online programs that can help working professionals advance their professional and academic careers from the comfort of their own homes. 

According to Study.com, the following are some of the most popular Online Master’s Degrees:
  • Online Master of Business Administration
  • Online Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration
  • Online Master’s Degree in Education
  • Online Master of Public Health
  • Online Master’s Degree in Psychology

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