OSU shares these 5 Online Study Tips

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Check out these five online study tips brought to us by Ohio State University!

Ohio State University provides these five online tips for its OSU Online students. Online students at any online college can take advantage of these study tips!

1. Have a schedule and manage your time wisely.

Maintain a semester and weekly calendar. During the first week of class, make sure to read the course syllabus and enter all due dates in the calendar, along with reminders for the due dates.

Commit to studying or participating in online classes for at least three hours per week for every one credit hour that the course is worth.

Prioritize your work! What due dates are coming up first? What information is the most important for you to learn? Which assignments are worth the most points? Make a smart decision to best spend your time.

2. Stay organized and make sure to be thorough.

Set up a designated study space that is free of distractions, so you are able to focus on your work.

Prepare as if you yourself have to teach the information you are learning. Create charts, outlines, study guides, flashcards, concept maps and chapter maps.

Use smart test-taking strategies. Write down formulas or other information you may need. Survey the exam before starting. Budget your time.

3. Stay engaged during the whole course.

Try to preview and review each lesson’s content. Make sure to attend in-person, live virtual class sessions and take active notes.

Analyze returned quizzes and tests as well as any instructor feedback and develop some kind of improvement plan.

Make use of any office hours that your online professors offer! Ask questions of instructors or peers if needed.

4. Take care of yourself!

Remember to look inward for your own motivation. Remembering the goal you are working for will help you work through the challenges of being a student.

Try to stay healthy by getting adequate rest, nutrition and exercise. Use positive self-talk to reduce anxiety. Schedule time to take care of yourself as well as to spend with your friends and family.

Remember that your success has as much to do with your effort as it has to do with your ability. Monitor your self-talk. Stay positive.

5. Know how to ask for help and where to get it!

Ohio State University offers plenty of online academic services for its online college students. For example, it has tutoring services for math and for writing. OSU Online also provides student life disability services.

Other online colleges and online universities should also provide online resources for their online learning students. Distance education may mean that online students have to be more independent as they navigate their online schedules and online classes. However, distance education does not have to mean that online students are on their own.

Remember to reach out for help online when you need it! Your online professors and online peers are just an email or message away. Remember to find out about the online tutor resources that your online university or online program offers!

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